Our Mission:

The Flower Foundation Pretoria, Homes for the Aged, offers a welfare service in the form of the provision of low cost accommodation and social care for the aged.

The mission of The Flower Foundation remains the provision of homes for self-supporting elderly people at the lowest possible cost and a measure of social care, thereby, an attempt is made to enable the residents to maintain the standard of living they were accustomed to.

The Flower Foundation has the capacity to provide 265 self-supporting older people with a home to live in. This is due to the fact that our rentals are well below the market value. Which in turn assists our older people to remain self-supporting for a longer period.

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NEWS - Mid City GOLF DAY 2022

The Flower foundation is honored to be a beneficiary of the annual MidCity Golf Day fund-raising event.

You are able to support this worthy cause by donating, prize sponsorship or by playing in the event. Kindly contact us should you want to participate.

Click below for more information on fundraising.