In order to assist with your decision to apply for accommodation, or to support The Flower Foundation, we have listed the most frequently asked questions below.
What is the mission of The Flower Foundation Pretoria?
The mission of The Flower Foundation remains the provision of homes for self-supporting elderly people at the lowest possible cost and a measure of social care. Thereby an attempt is made to enable the residents to maintain the standard of living they were accustomed to.
When and by who was The Flower Foundation founded?
The Flower Foundation Pretoria was founded on 18 May 1946 by the late Mr. Albert Edward Andersen, formerly with the Department of Social Welfare and Pensions.
How many units does The Flower Foundation have and how many senior citizens are accommodated?
The Flower Foundation Pretoria has 8 cottages in Danville. These were occupied for the first time in 1952 and during 1961 the Former State President, Dr CR Swart, opened Andersen House, Groenkloof, where we have 20 cottages and flats for couples and 19 flats for single persons. During 1973 we purchased Bel-Air  and during 1974, Union Park Gate. Between these two blocks of flats there are 118 one, two and three bedroom flats. During 2005 the 19 Life right retirement cottages were added to our Groenkloof housing project. A total of 265 aged are presently housed by The Flower Foundation, Pretoria.
How is The Flower Foundation structured and funded?
The Flower Foundation has been registered as a Welfare Organisation for many years and has been a non profit company since 1957. The Flower Foundation is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation.
Is The Flower Foundation a registered fund raising organization?
The Flower Foundation has always been registered with the relative Government Department and in accordance with the latest legislation. We are registered as a non profit organization in terms of Act 71 of 1997. The Department of Welfare has granted registration number 001-663 NPO. The Flower Foundation gladly receives bequests. Through the years, both large and small bequests have contributed to a permanent memorial to the living in the form of homes for the aged.
How did The Flower Foundation finance its schemes?
The funds for the Danville and Groenkloof units came from the National Housing Commission which granted loans to welfare organisations at a low interest rate. Union Park Gate and Bel-Air were financed by commercial loans at a high interest rate. The 19 retirement cottages were funded from the purchase of life rights.
What is the age limitation?
Male and female applicants must be 60 years of age or older before accommodation is granted. Applicants must be physically active, independent and capable of running their households. Meals and medical services are not provided by The Flower Foundation. Hospitals are in close proximity.
Is a medical examination required?
A medical examination can be requested just before accommodation is granted.
Is there any discrimination on religious grounds?
The Flower Foundation does not discriminate against anyone on grounds of church or any other affiliation.
In what way do The Flower Foundation residents enjoy the protection which those outside of the organization do not have?
Residents are protected from unscrupulous developers who aim to make excessive profit from rentals. The Flower Foundation calculates the cost of maintaining a flat and charges that amount to the resident without adding any profit. Residents therefore have more money in their pockets. The Flower Foundation brings many elderly people together in the various housing projects. This creates the opportunity for them to retire amongst other elderly people who have similar interests, but also provides the children with the knowledge that their parents have a home to live in, where the best possible security is a priority.
: Is The Flower Foundation comparable to an ordinary block of flats being let out?
Definitely not. From the answers to the other questions you will gather that The Flower Foundation is a special organization set aside for a special purpose for the benefit of our senior citizens.
How long are the waiting lists?
The waiting lists for couples are relatively short, but single people often wait much longer before accommodation is granted. If you are interested, it is important that you make sure the office has received your application.
What is The Flower Foundation doing about expansion?
The Flower Foundation will continually seek ways to expand within its limited financial means.
Are there other Flower Foundations in the Republic?
Yes, in Johannesburg and Port Shepstone, but each one functions entirely independently.
Is the Welfare of the residents cared for?
There is a Fund Raising Committee, which arranges fund raisers such as jumble, white elephant, vetkoek, pancake and pudding sales. The Flower Foundation has a thirteen seater bus which takes residents to hospitals and shopping centers at a minimal fee. An attempt is made to make residents feel that their flat or cottage is a real home.
What is our motto?
Our caring makes the difference.

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