About Us:

The Flower Foundation was founded on 18 May 1946 by the late Mr. Albert Edward Andersen, formerly with the Department of Social Welfare and Pensions. It has been registered as a Welfare Organization for many years and has been a non profit company since 1957. The Flower Foundation is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation.

All the buildings and funds are owned by the Section 21 Company Incorporated not for gain. All funds and bequests are gratefully received and devoted solely to the purpose of homes for the aged.

The Flower Foundation now proudly boasts four housing projects on a rental basis:
– Union Gate Park is a block of flats situated in Arcadia. There are 80, one and two bedroom flats
– Bel – Air is also a block of flats situated in Arcadia. It comprises 39, one and two bedroom flats
– Danville in Dan Road, has eight, 1 bedroom cottages suitable for couples or singles.
– Groenkloof  in Schroder Avenue has both flats and cottages. In addition to this we also have thirteen,
2 bedroom and six, 1 bedroom Life – Right cottages.

The Flower Foundation is continually seeking ways to expand within its limited financial means.

Services Offered:

A bus service is provided on weekday mornings to take the residents to the shops at a minimal fee. The bus also travels to the surrounding hospitals and clinics for patient visits and collection of medicines. Libraries are available for residents who would like to borrow reading books, and social clubs provide the opportunity for friendly social activities.

Management Structure: Directors:

Mr. Dawie de Villiers
Mr. Fanus Kruger
Mr. Martin Coetzee
Mr.Kobus Badenhorst (Chairman)
Mrs. Liza Roux
Mr. Johan Human – Managing Director


Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained.
Loyalty is returned.

– Unknown